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Selection Introduction


MIKE China District Selection Introduction

The MIKE China Region is jointly organized by Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center and Shenzhen Lanling Software Co., Ltd., and provides services such as MIKE reporting, counseling, and review services to enterprises or organizations in mainland China based on global MIKE standards. Recommend the right to global MIKE review.

MIKE Evaluation Value System
Part A - MIKE Evaluation Criteria (sustainability factors)
1. Empower knowledge workers to innovate
2. Cultivate organizational innovation culture
3. Create conditions to capture/inspire customer/user experience/demand/experience
4. Invest and deliver knowledge-based products/services/solutions
5. Develop open-ended internal and external cooperation, effectively improve corporate efficiency
6. Strengthen practices and systems for knowledge creation
7. Demonstrate strategic, visionary and transformative leadership
8. Use creativity and virtual space to create value for stakeholders
Part B - Innovation Performance
New products/new services/new business models developed
Customer/user satisfaction
Market share / new product sales
Awards / Qualifications / Honors, etc.
Patent/license/franchise fee
Copyright / writing / new ideas, etc.
Revenue / Revenue / Turnover
Selection Process
1. MIKE Awards are divided into two levels: Country/Region MIKE Award and Global MIKE Award.
2. Each country/region will entrust the sponsor to initiate a national/regional MIKE award. All country MIKE awards are subject to the same standards; the review process is no later than October.
3. Each country/region MIKE award can recommend the best three winners to participate in the global MIKE awards.
4. The Global MIKE Study Group (GMSG) is responsible for awarding MIKE worldwide and publishing the results in February each year; the award ceremony is followed.

2019 China MIKE Grand Prize Registration Channel

2019 China MIKE application materials download

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2019 China MIKE Online Registration

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Guidance unit: Global MIKE Study Group
Organizer: Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center, Shenzhen Lanling Software Co., Ltd.
Supporting units: Tsinghua Management Review, Innovation and Knowledge Management Alliance (IKMA), Hangzhou Chuangzhihui Technology Co., Ltd.